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Name: Kitty White
Birthday: 1st, November, 1974
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Suburban London, England
Resides: In a red roof little white house at a suburban town 20km from London.
Weight: Same as 3 apples!
Height: Same as 5 apples!
Favourite Color: Red
Favourite Food :Candy, hot cakes, puddings, Apple pie(baked by mama)
School: 4km from Hello kitty’s home in London
A beautiful school with trees and animals surrounding the school.
Takes 3 stops by bus before getting to school every morning.
Favourite Subjects: English, Music
Hobbies: Visiting candy store, Music, playing piano, Sports, playing tennis, Going to nearby park with friends, Collecting little stars, little goldfishes, lollies.
Boyfriend: First Love is Dear Daniel. But he had to go to Africa with his parents. Now, Kitty likes Jody who is her classmate at school.
Personality: Very happy and cheerful. Energetic, she loves to go outside, play in the park or forest.
Dream: To be a pianist or a poet

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