bueno…aqui sigo yo haciendo mi tontera de trabajo…

necesito una ayudita…

entiendo mas menos lo que dice, pero hay palabras medicas que no cacho…y que dema que son super inportante e interesantes de poner en el trabajo…asi que aqui va…

The occurrence of intermittent noises during sleep has been found to induce a
biphasic cardiac response and a transient constriction of peripheral vessels
together with a short phasic activation in the EEG, while no other behavioural
effect can be seen (Muzet and Ehrhart, 1978).
This biphasic cardiac response is constituted by an initial increase in heart rate,
probably due to a phasic inhibition of the parasympathetic cardio-inhibitory
centre, followed by a compensatory decrease due to a phasic decrease in
orthosympathetic activity (Keefe et al., 1971; Muzet and Ehrhart, 1980). The
vasoconstrictive response was reported to be due to the sympathetic peripheral
stimulation provoked by the auditory reflex (Kryter and Poza, 1980).
The most striking is that none of these cardiovascular responses show
habituation to noise after a prolonged exposure, while subjective habituation
occurs within a few days (Muzet and Ehrhart, 1980). More recently, it has been
shown that beat by beat blood pressure changes can be induced by suddenly
occurring noises (Carter et al., 2002).

por ejemplo el EEG…la biphasic cardiac response…
el parasymnpathic cardio-inhibitory centre… orthosymphathetic activity

AA…tambien el sistema endocrino…es el del pipi??? (se que seguro que sirve para 1001 cosas mas…pero es pa lokito noma…no para Dr. lokito…jejejeje)

puchi…no encuentro la frase…ya no importa…mejor sigo noma

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