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Silentium universi: Why we are alone in the Universe?

The arguments of the nature of molecular cognition give support to the
generally accepted view of biochemistry that the origin of life on the
Earth has not been a higly improbable, or even unique, event in the
Universe. Evolutionary considerations, viewing evolution as a cognitive
process, as growth of knowledge, imply, in addition, that life should
evolve in the direction of increasing complexity, eventually reaching a
state of technical civilization. Using this knowledge for setting
appropraite values in Drake´s equation implies a very large number of such
civilizations. The negative data of the SETI program may be account for by
assuming that the life span of technical civilizations is very short. This
places major recent problems of mankind not only in the global, but into a
cosmic perspective and poses a unique challenge to the next few
generations. It is not intended to formulate normative statements of what
should be done to meet this challenge, but to arouse a general awareness of
the situation.

Ladislav Kovac

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